easa and casa approved maintanence repair organisation, plastic composite, leather and laminate repairs to aircraft interior components, plane, aeroplane.

  • EASA 145 CASA 145
  • Global Service
  • AOG
  • plastic component repair on interior aircraft seating, leather monument repair for aircraft cabin interior, plastic trim glue, plastic welding
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  • Genuine Leather.
  • Ultra Leatherâ„¢.
  • Flexible Vinyl Coatings.
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  • Interior Plastics
  • Surface Laminates
  • Composite Materials
  • tray table, monuments,escutcheon, locker bin, overhead stowage, storage compartment, kick panel, repairs airline a380
    customizable plastic and leather in-situ repairs, on wing, repair,composites, plastic and leather, tedlar, ultra leather, painting, plastic coatings,
                lavatory, toilet shrouds

  • Major Cost Savings
  • Customizable Service
  • Passenger Comfort
  • Maintenance repair organisation EASA, CASA, 145, window reveals, galley trolley, firstclass, side wall, tedlar, laminate, bassinets, arm rests
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